Program for Enhancing the Value of Cheese from the Center Region, highlighted on the Praça da Alegria Program

The Program “Valorização da Fileira do Queijo da Região Centro”, co-financed by Centro 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union through FEDER, was present today in the program Praça da Alegria, in RTP1. Highlight for the display of the cheeses Serra da Estela PDO, Beira Baixa PDO and Rabaçal PDO, report with a Shepherd, conversation with Inovcluster and also a gastronomic moment with a chef to make these cheeses of unique flavor shine.

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Land Bank Land Canvassing

COAPE, partner entity of the Program for the Enhancement of Cheese Production in the Center Region, continues to reinforce the land collection for the Land Bank in the D.O.P. region of Serra da Estrela.

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