3. Innovative Promotion and Marketing of Cheese and Territories


1.1 Design of a Strategic Plan for Promotion and Marketing.

– Study for the evaluation of the competitive capacity of PDO cheeses, deepening the knowledge about the markets (their channels, consumer demands / preferences, competition, etc.) that may represent greater gains in competitiveness (economy of scale). Formulate objectives and strategies for effective and consolidated entry into markets that represent a viable opportunity. Streamline commercialization circuits and gain visibility through communication actions (marketing).

1.2 Fulfillment / implementation of the Strategic Plan for Promotion and Marketing

Action that follows the sociocultural and technological trends of the market. It intends to create proximity with consumers and potential distribution channels through what is written, an appealing design and the potential of the image with recourse to digital communication for its diffusion. Conception of several promotional materials, such as: promotional videos of the cheeses with PDO of the Centro Region in several languages.

1.3 Creation of identity brands for each PDO Region. Creation of the commercial brand “Queijos Centro de Portugal”.

Creation of identity brands for each PDO region, positioning each PDO cheese in the market in a distinctive way, allowing for the creation of common communication strategies for these products, thus enabling their immediate recognition in the market by the consumer, making them their preferential target.

Creation of a successful, trustworthy and timeless joint brand, through which the Center Region PDO cheeses can be promoted in external markets.

1.4. Organization of the “Alavão Season” event

Promotional campaign to raise awareness for the consumption of PDO cheese from the Central Region of Portugal in order to contribute to an increase in the consumption of these products. Campaign articulated with the national and international media in various forms of communication, from newspaper articles, press and blog trips, presence in TV programs.

1.5 Promotional campaigns directed to consumers – Travelling exhibitions

Strategic proximity actions with the consumer in order to make them aware of the preference for cheeses with a PDO from the Center Region when buying. Convey the right information so that the Center Region PDO cheeses are easily identifiable and recognized by the consumer. Present and promote the tasting of these cheeses during the actions.

1.6. Finding innovative commercialization models and target markets

A study that will allow the definition of short commercialization chains for the cheeses of each PDO region in the Central Region. Once the study is completed, it will be disseminated to the target public, through promotion and communication initiatives.